Harmonious World

Harmonious World

by Muruga Cosmic Boogie

Recorded at Sage Court Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Produced by Muruga Booker

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Jef Stevens

"The killing is still going on, we must learn as humans to be peaceful and talk instead of killing to get the point across. We all must stop fighting and speak with each other, as ENLIGHTENED people of earth. Not a kick-ass people! But a kind people of wisdom and knowledge, seeking a positive peaceful outcome to having a harmonious world.

We play music for the Art, bliss and the love of it. To co-create with spirit and each other as a voice for peace. To reflect the spirit sound light logos within, and help raise the awareness of the planet, towards our source God's Grace, the communion of matter and uncreated spirit light. Revealing world peace through inner peace, leading to a "Harmonious World".

God bless all to do so. Muruga aka priest steven the least who at 73 is still rockin, funkin, jazzin and bluesin world'n and arting as a voice for peace. I love you all. God bless all." - Muruga Booker (2016)


Muruga Booker - Drums, Percussion & Nada Drum

Shakti Ma - Vocals

Tony P-Funk Thomas - Guitar

Patrick Sarniak - Guitar

Benjamin Piner - Tenor Bass

Doug Weaver - Bass

World Peace Through Inner Peace.

Released 2016